Replacement Items

The Kali’s Kits container is durable and designed to last for many seasons. Each item contained within the kit can be repurchased here. We recommend purchasing at least 3 replacements of our “most essential” items, including the sunscreen packs, deodorant wipes, and make-up remover towelettes.

Deodorant Wipes

2 for $1.00
Single use wipes for cleaning and refreshing yourself; used on the underarms to prevent body odor.

Make-up Remover Wipe

3 for $1.00
Remove your make up eaisily

SPF 30 Sunscreen Single Use Pack

3 for $1.00

Protect your skin from harmful rays.

Lip Gloss

1 for $2.00
Lip gloss to moisten dry or chapped lips.

Nail Clippers

1 for $3.00
Mini hand tool for trimming fingernails, toenails and hangnails.

Nail File

1 for $1.00
Mini emery surface file for shaping and smoothing fingernails


1 for $3.00
Mini metal tweezers for pulling out hairs or splinters.

Brush/Mirror Set

1 for $3.00
Compact folding hair brush with mirror.

Band-aids (3 pack)

2 for $1.00
Adhesive bandages with gauze pads for the protection of minor wounds.

Hair Bands

3 for $1.00
Black elastic bands designed to hold ponytails.

Bobby Pins

5 sets of 4 for $1.00
Gold colored hairpins used to hold hair in place.

Breath Strips

2 for $1.00
Oral care strips that dissolve in the mouth and instantly freshen breath.


1 for $1.00
Compact toothbrush with sanitary plastic protective casing.


1 for $1.00
Colgate anti-cavity toothpaste.

Dental Floss

2 for $1.00
Mini dental floss case containing waxed floss.

Sanitary Napkin

2 for $1.00
Absorbent pad for external use during menstruation.

Hand Wipes

3 for $1.00
Moistened wipe for cleaning hands and sticky spots.


2 for $1.00
Compact feminine hygiene product for interal use during menstruation.


3 single use packs for $1.00
Pain & ache relief – 2 tablets.

Safety Pins

3 sets of 2 pins for $1.00
Use to fasten pieces of fabric, clothing or other items together. 1 small; 1 large pin per set.

Charging Cord

1 for $8.00

Micro USB cable, PC USB port, and iPhone charger to power charging station and handheld devices.

Minimum Replacement Items order $5.00.