About Us

Kali’s Story

During the summer before I was about to start middle school (7th grade), I did not know what to expect.  I was going from a smallish grade school to a very large middle school.  My mom and I decided to go to the drugstore and look for items that I could keep in my backpack or my locker, so that I would at least feel confident that I would be prepared for whatever was going to come my way.

We bought lip gloss, hair bands, bobby pins, deodorant, sunscreen and a few other essential items.  I mentioned to my mom how nice it would be if there was a ready-made Middle School survival kit that girls like me could purchase.  And she said, “well, why don’t you create one?”  And Kali’s Kits was born.

Now, one year later, I am entering eighth grade, and I take my Kali’s Kit where ever I go.  I love being able to plug it in at the beach or the park and look at youtube videos or listen to music with my friends.  Either me or one of my friends use a survival kit item at least once a week.  The breath strips, the hair bands and the deodorant wipes are life savers.

I am also excited that we are donating a school kit to a student in need for every Kali’s Kit that is sold.  I can’t imagine not having pens, pencils or erasers and trying to learn.  Everyone in the world should have that. I hope to be able to travel soon and meet some of the girls and boys who are receiving our school kits.

Shannon’s Story

As a busy working mother of three, I know that every moment counts. The less time I spend rummaging around for life essentials, the better off for everyone! When Kali came up with the idea of Kali’s Kits for teens, I saw the opportunity to spend time with her and to help a young entrepreneur bring her vision to life. It was also exciting to develop an ongoing way for our family to give back; by creating our “Empower through Education” school kit, we want to help empower all children. We hope that one day everyone world-wide has the opportunity to learn, become young entrepreneurs, and ultimately, successful adults. To learn more about how Kali’s Kits is giving back, please visit our “Giving Back” page.